Points To Be Considered When Planning A Wedding

A huge step in life and the start of a new beginning, this is what marriage represents. And of course you want to have a fresh start at it, so you’ve got to make sure that everything that leads to it, flows smoothly, and by this I mean the wedding. It is everyone’s dream to have this special day to be perfect as it possibly could get. Hence the tiresome preparations for the wedding have to be bared in order to achieve that magical moment you expect! Right when your partner pops the question “will you marry me?” obviously you be jumping up and down with excitement the first moment and then the next you’d probably be going through your mental check list for the perfect wedding you have been dreaming of! Here are a few points to be included on that mental list;

Choosing a theme for the big day is a definite must do. Of course you could just stick to ordering wedding bouquet Singapore from artificial flower suppliers, but if you order them to match your theme and the chosen colors, you could definitely have that dream wedding you have always wanted, come true! Just blindly ordering different colored flowers and hoping they match, only shows sloppy work and worse organizing skills ever! You could go with a Disney theme and matching centerpieces or a starry night theme or even a country themed wedding with deco giving out the rustic and vintage vibe.

The venue for the wedding should be decided considering the theme. For example if you choose to go with a country theme then you could have your wedding in a lovely barn with decorations to match with it, but if you go with a winter theme with hanging snowflakes and conifer tree branches decorated with hanging crystals then choosing a reception hall to have your wedding would be ideal. It is clear that the venue differs based on the theme, so choose the right place to have your wedding to match the theme! Whichever place you choose make sure it is capable of accompanying your entire guest list without looking overcrowded and stuffed.

Outfits and wedding posies
The bridal gown along with the brides maids gowns, grooms and grooms men’s suits too should be paid close attention. After all they are the highlights of the day! Another thing that needs close attention is the wedding posies. You could use bridal bouquets artificial which are equally stunning as those that are natural for the bride, and use corsages for the brides maids made from natural flowers.

Choosing the right cuisine for the day too is important, especially if don’t want your guests making a mess trying to wolf down their spaghetti and meatballs! Matching it to go with the theme and venue is another suggestion. For example if you are having a beach wedding you could go with a seafood cuisine or if you are going with a carnival themed wedding, don’t even hesitate to offer hot dogs, pizza , sausage puffs as a part of the course and you could take one step ahead by offering cotton candy for desert!After all of this, you could even throw an after party to keep celebrating this joyful day with the married couple!